All You Need For Ida Pro And Android Debugging
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This is the extended Version of my other plugin ADB Helper.


New PyQt GUI

This version have both support for native arm debugging via usb and sdk ADV manager.
Pids Direct to Ida Pro console.
I added support for X64 targets via gdbserver.
either via pids or narmal file run.
targets like Genymotion!/
install busybox.
Rebbot phone.


have android sdk installed and added platformtools to %PATH.

Or take the minimalistic version i provided and put example c:\sdk-tool\ and add those to %PATH

Copy other folder plugins to ida and overwrite.
it will copy the ida plugin to ida\plugin folder.
And make a New folder called QtApps in ida\QtApps

have a copy of android_server and gdbserver in android_sdk path

start plugin from edit plugins.
after its started run it from same.


Follow the steps. :)

gdb follow the steps :)

you can either attach to pids or have file then just aattch to target. :)


REMEMBER to Put Your legit android_server from Hexray in the platform tools folder and the QtApps\SuperADB folder also.

changelog v 1.1
Small code fixes
added Pids to Show in GUI insteed of ida .

If you have trouble loading plugin see tut of howto setup ida and PyQt correct.