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The technikum29 Computer Museum Homepage

This directory/repository contains the website of the technikum29 computer museum. The official installation of this website is available at Documentation about the technical setup can be found at the technikum29 Laboraties (

Since 2019-02-05, this website is managed via Github, the repository can be found at


Since Version 6 (20129, the website is fully based on PHP. That means this is a classical website where every single page is a PHP file. The directory structure works like

  /de      - German pages
  /en      - English pages
  /lib     - PHP framework files
  /shared  - All assets (Pictures, CSS, Javascript)

The menu/sitemap is composed from the files navigation.xml. As this is quite some work, the rendered pages are cached.

Getting started with Docker

If you like Docker, you can build and run a minimal LAMP container by running ./ That is, you can run this website on your computer as simple as

git clone --depth=1

and open http://localhost in your browser. Happy editing!

Tip: If you made a shallow copy with the above instructions and want to commit your changes, you first need to download the whole repository, for instance with git fetch --unshallow origin. This will download ~300MB of data.

Manual Installation

You only need basic PHP extensions to run this website. These are not installed on all systems by default:

There are no other dependencies, this is plain PHP. For running the website, setup a classical webserver with PHP support (say a LAMP stack) and just make this directory accessible in the webroot (ie. http://localhost).

The website can also run in subdirectories (ie. but requires adaptions with the t29Host system. The file lib/host.php contains some examples how to generate links in such a setup.

The directory /shared/cache must be writable for the webserver/PHP process.