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@teejee2008 teejee2008 released this Jan 26, 2019

  • Fix a build issue
  • Add message for paid version
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@teejee2008 teejee2008 released this Sep 5, 2018


  • Updated donation window message
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@teejee2008 teejee2008 released this May 12, 2018


  • Fixed: Install linux-modules package if available

  • Grub timeout will not be changed by default; Added option in Settings;

Temporary fix for errors with 4.16.x kernels:

  1. Install libssl1.1
  2. Update package linux-base with sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-base (make sure xenial-updates is enabled in Software & Updates).
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@teejee2008 teejee2008 released this Dec 9, 2017


  • #20 - Fixed: Use xdg-open to open CHANGES file instead of exo-open and gedit
  • #6 - Fixed: User's home directory was not detected correctly
  • #26 - Fixed sizing issues with CustomMessageDialog on some versions of GTK+ toolkit
  • #3 - Fixed an error in parsing kernel version string. This would cause an update notifcation even when there were no updates available.
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@teejee2008 teejee2008 released this Mar 24, 2017

Latest release from Feb 2017

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