Transform any textarea into a code editor with this Chrome browser extension
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logo Ace Anywhere

Transform any textarea into a code editor with this Chrome browser extension! Ace Anywhere uses the Ace code editor.



  1. Download AceAnywhere.crx
  2. Open Chrome's extension manager chrome://extensions/
  3. Drag the downloaded file and drop it in the extension manager

##Features / Usage Ace Anywhere creates a context menu available on all editable fields (input, textarea, etc).

Use the Ace it! menu to transform the field into an Ace Code Editor. You can also auto load ace every time a page loads by going to Preferences > Auto load Ace on this URL.

Syntax highlighting is available through the Languages menu. Themes are also made available through the Themes menu.

Word wrapping can be enabled or disabled through the Preferences > Toggle Word Wrapping.

###Advanced usage You can manage the editor using Chrome's developer tools console (hotkey F12), by accessing the editor variable.

For more information see Ace's How-To Guide.

##Contributing Contributions welcome via pull request!

##Licence Ace Anywhere is licensed under the MIT License. Please see LICENSE.txt file distributed with this software.