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Azure Style C# Functions for AWS Lambda
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Azure Style C# Functions for AWS Lambda

This is a proof of concept project that demonstrates AWS Lambda C# functions, in the style of Azure C# functions, that are easy to create online using a code editing experience that's superior to the Azure Portal editor.

Write your AWS C# function online with desktop-like code completion and compilation error feedback, and build your function package at the click of a button!

For a live demonstration, see


The code editor is powered by C# Pad which targets the .NET framework, whereas the lambda function package is compiled against .NET Core. Therefore the editor may suggest .NET framework APIs that do not match .NET Core APIs.

Project Plan

There is no project plan as this is a low-key proof of concept project. In the distant future, the project may morph in the following directions:

  1. Allow users to directly create/update Lambda functions in their AWS account without needing a download step.
  2. Support MVC/Web API/RazorPages for full-featured and easy online web development powered by AWS Lambda.
  3. Deconstruction of this project so it can run on AWS Lambda itself.


MIT License

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