Windows application to send TRIM / UNMAP / DISCARD to SSD
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DiskTrim 2.2 by Antoni Sawicki and Tomasz Nowak
Requires Windows 2012 R2 / Windows 8.1 or above

DiskTrim -- a small command line utility for Windows that allows to
send TRIM / UNMAP / DISCARD commands directly to an SSD drive.  The 
operation is performed arbitrarily on a full sector range from zero
to the end. It securely erases contents of an entire SSD drive, and
tests whether TRIM actually worked. 

You can also think of it as blkdiscard(8) utility for Windows.

If you just want to test if your SSD supports TRIM without deleting
it's entire contents, you can simply create and mount a small .VHDX
file on top and run DiskTrim on the VHDX instead of physical disk. 

This utility is particularly dangerous and if used incorrectly - it
will permanently destroy contents of your SSD drive, and delete all
your data.  Authors of this software application take absolutely no
responsibility for use of this program  and its consequences.