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Build Data Products

TerminusDB is a toolkit for building collaborative applications. TerminusDB is an open source document-oriented graph database. TerminusDB allows you to link JSON documents in a powerful knowledge graph all through a simple document API. Use TerminusDB to enable Git-like collaborative workflows in your application.

TerminusX is a managed cloud service powered by TerminusDB. TerminusX is in public beta and you can signup now.

Check out our Roadmap; have a look at our Issue Triage; leave a new Issue; submit a Pull Request; or come hang on Discord 🚀

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  1. TerminusDB is an open source knowledge graph and document store. Use it to build versioned data products.

    Prolog 1.6k 76

  2. Documentation for TerminusDB

    JavaScript 2 1

  3. Javascript client for TerminusDB - reference implementation of API

    JavaScript 24 12

  4. Python Client for TerminusDB

    Python 54 49

  5. a tokio-enabled data store for triple data

    Rust 230 21

  6. Bootstrap for running the terminusdb-server as a docker container

    Shell 63 11