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TerminusDB - For people that value collaboration

TerminusDB is an an open source document-oriented graph database for building collaborative applications. TerminusDB links JSON documents in a powerful knowledge graph through a simple document API. Use TerminusDB to enable Git-like collaborative workflows in your applications and make use of graph query power using both GraphQL and our Datalog query language WOQL.

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  1. terminusdb terminusdb Public

    TerminusDB is a distributed database with a collaboration model

    Prolog 2.7k 102

  2. terminusdb-client-js terminusdb-client-js Public

    TerminusDB JavaScript Client

    JavaScript 33 13

  3. terminusdb-client-python terminusdb-client-python Public

    TerminusDB Python Client

    Python 68 57

  4. terminusdb-bootstrap terminusdb-bootstrap Public archive

    TerminusDB Bootstrap

    Shell 66 12

  5. technical-blogs technical-blogs Public

    Technical blogs around data collaboration, data management, and building collaborative applications.


  6. terminusdb-store terminusdb-store Public

    a tokio-enabled data store for triple data

    Rust 361 32


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