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Graph Editor

A library for creating and editing graph-like diagrams in JavaFX.


  • Highly customizable
  • Add your own custom skins or restyle existing ones via CSS
  • Graphical effects where connections intersect:

Examples of how intersections look in the graph editor demo.

  • Full undo / redo functionality via EMF commands
  • Selection API & cut / copy / paste
  • Alignment & snap-to-grid
  • Editing of large graphs via a panning mechanism & minimap
  • Additional skin examples provided:

Examples of skins provided with the graph editor demo.


Download the demo app here.

Use it

Maven coordinates:


Try the tutorials here.

Build it yourself

Requires Java 8, Git, & Maven.

git clone
cd graph-editor
mvn clean install

The demo jar can be found in demo/target/deploy.