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Ryan’s dotfiles


This has only been tested on OS X 10.10 - 10.13 and these are very much in flux, mostly notes to myself here so I would not run this unless you know what you are doing until I finalize it all :)


Run this, need command line tools for git and stuffs.

$ sudo softwareupdate -i -a
$ xcode-select --install

To setup clone the repository recursively from your home directory, the setup process will offer you several options along the way.

git clone --recursive git://

Once cloned, run it. This will do lots, create some directories, setup symlinks install brews/casks/node modules...

$ sh setup-mac 2>&1 | tee ~/setup-mac.log

Install virtualbox by allowing it in privacy, blah. more info

$ brew cask install virtualbox

Install Composer


Setup Sublime Text 3 and packages/settings

$ git clone

Then run

$ ./

Linting with Sublime

Confirm setup and install PHPCS, follow this epic guide

After, if you wish to setup OS X preferences run,

Note* open chrome first, so its settings in setup will be applied.
$ ./setup-prefs

Be sure you read through what the scripts do first! Questions, just ask.

Local Config Files

I keep private infos in local files in Dropbox, so once it is setup and linked to my account I run these

ln -s ~/Dropbox/local-dotfiles/.gitconfig.local ~/.gitconfig.local
ln -s ~/Dropbox/local-dotfiles/.aliases.local ~/.aliases.local

Get app from mac app store using mas

source ~/Dropbox/local-dotfiles/


Bugs & Forks

Hey, there may be bugs in here. If you play around with this and find something or a way to do stuff better be sure to let me know! Also, be sure you read some of the scripts before blindly executing; always a good idea to have some idea of what all is going on. If you run this and your computer catches fire, don't blame me 🙈

Migration Reminders

  • After all the setup, move SSH keys back in
  • Setup vvv
  • More hyper stuff

See if I want need to keep or add/remove apps

  • read brew list and brew cask list to see whats worth reinstalling
  • read npm list -g --depth=0 to see global npm packages
  • read gem list to see current gem files