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CO2-Sensor-Attnode mit MH-Z19

A small functional AddOn CO2-Sensor to use with a v3 and MH-Z19-CO2-Sensor

pictures from @seiichiro0185  
MH-Z 19 offen  
MH-Z 19 MH-Z 19

You can find more information and the latest firmware at v3. @seiichiro0185 is continuously developing the software, which is why it is only linked here.

This pcb allows the extension of the v3 with the possibility to be operated with 5V-15V operating voltage as well as CO2 measurement by means of MH-Z19.

The measured values of the CO2 sensor as well as the connection via LORAWAN(TM) can be visualized directly at the device by the integrated RGB-LED's, parallel to the transmission to a LoRa-Network-Server (LNS).

The use of the MH-Z19C is strongly recommended. However, this sensor drifts over time so regular calibration is required. The sensor can be purchased over the Silk Road or directly from German dealers.

Special thanks to @seiichiro0185, @TwentySixer and @nottheedge for their support.

front view rear view
front view Rear view

In the folder 3d-files are stl-Files for a tiny housing from @seiichiro.

front-part MH-Z19C rear-part CO2-Sensor Micro-USB rear-part CO2-Sensor USB-C
MH-Z 19 front part CO<sub>2</sub>-Sensor rear part USB Micro CO<sub>2</sub>-Sensor rear part USB Micro
  passende Breakout-Boards Micro-USB passende Breakout-Boards USB-C

The rear parts of the enclosures for Micro-USB or USB-C are planned for the use of ready-made breakout boards with USB-C or micro USB. The button for ad-hoc measurements or calibration can be glued into the housing.

LORAWAN is a registered trademark of Semtech


The documentation of the CO2-Sensor-Attnode mit MH-Z19 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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