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This project is a self-organizing system. With a few simple rules, put into a crowd-sourced context, it will make beautiful fractal geometries of knowledge. Think of the entirety of human knowledge put together in a uniform space. No interfaces to learn, not a 100 different signups, just one login into the whole dataverse.

As this work is a work by and for mankind, there are many gems waiting within to be claimed and polished. Gems in the realm of discrete mathematics/graph theory, linguistics, computer science, epistemology, and even cosmology.

Dems, we've got code so hot, it's got it's own soundtrack.

The first Web was humanity's attempt to understand what it needed when it didn't even know it wanted it. But, WWW/HTML and DNS were a red-herrings, false starts, when big institutions and big servers held the content. Now we need a content-centric web, a new way to organize the intellectual and creative wealth of the world, socially. The perfect platform for the burgeoning creative economy.

Okay, you say, we know of such other efforts, what will make this one succeed? Well, all other sites fail because they attempt various ways to combine "most recent" stuff with "most popular" stuff, but these are orthogonal -- there is no algorithm to combine them. You need 3-dimensions!!! Leap-frogging over RDF and Web 2.0, we'll be using the power of the visual cortex to make relationships instead. Killer!

Click the screenshot!

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