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Simple time tracker web application for tasks. Stores the tasks in a simple json file. Great tool for freelancers to log their time. Try it yourself with the demo!

Video Series

After creating this project, I created a video tutorial series that walks you through building this project from start to finish. Check out the video series here! Learn AJAX with jQuery and PHP


You need short_open_tags=On in php.ini


For portablility, I removed the dependency on MySQL. Now, the application uses a simple json document to store the tasks. I also simplified the files included in the project.


Over the years I have had to adapt to many different project management applications. One thing I have found to be extremely difficult during development is keeping track of what I did and for how long. When we are bouncing from task to task, many times in a matter of minutes; it can be really hard to stop what you are doing, navigate to th appropreiate task in the project manager and fill in all the details.

I started just jotting my time paper and then updating the project manager later. I then thought, 'I could make a simple time tracker and save a tree'. So, here we are!