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Fix database naming


Simple crud app in Clojure


This uses an in-process/in-memory only database. In the user namespace, through lein repl/cider etc.:

   (go) ;; to start the component system, localhost:3000 will serve the site
   (reset) ;; to reset the whole component system

Running production uberjar (for heroku):

   lein uberjar
   java -jar target/cljs-crud-prod-standalone.jar PORT DB-URL

Deploy on heroku

First time, provision a PostgreSQL database (see

   heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev

First time and every time adding a migration:

   heroku run lein migrate


   git push heroku

Demo accounts

Create your own through Signup or login using

   Name: Admin Password: admin for the demo admin account.

Compiling the ClojureScript

   lein cljsbuild auto dev ;; continues compilation for development
   lein cljsbuild test
   lein cljsbuild once local ;; advanced compilation for the client-side only demo
   lein cljsbuild once prod ;; advanced compilation for production


  • Default to ssl on Heroku
  • Replace compojure with bidi
  • look into jdbc entities
  • use :base with liberator
  • secure headers etc from clojure.web/with-security
  • Walk through
  • Make pull requests for changes to anti-forgery
  • Sort out ring.middleware.session situation/documentation
  • Re-add something with Server-Sent Events, as done on the hackbattle2014 branch
  • Look into figwheel/browser-repl


  • Mock sending password reset email
  • Ghost user accounts as admin
  • Add anti-forgery check
  • Add transaction functions to Datascript


Written by: Gijs Stuurman / @thegeez / Blog / GitHub


Copyright © 2014 Gijs Stuurman

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.