GLSL Shaders on OpenSeadragon zoomable tiles or any other image viaWebGL
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Get viaWebGL + openSeadragonGL stable release!See how it works

OpenSeadragon shaders by openSeadragonGL

Featured as an OpenSeadragon Plugin!

Sobel filter on tiled image

openSD = OpenSeadragon({
        tileSources: '../tiles.dzi',
        prefixUrl: '../your/icons/',
        id: 'viaWebGL'
seaGL = new openSeadragonGL(openSD);
seaGL.vShader = '../fileV.glsl';
seaGL.fShader = '../fileF.glsl';

##seaGL.addHandler(eventName, gl-handler)

Parameter Type About
eventName String "gl-drawing" or "gl-loaded"
gl-handler Function Needed for custom access to the webGL API

Image shaders by viaWebGL

Sobel filter on vector image

image = new Image();
viaGL = new ViaWebGL();

image.onload = function() {
    viaGL.vShader = '../fileV.glsl';
    viaGL.fShader = '../fileF.glsl';
image.src = '../file.type';

About this project

Harvard VCG