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Python Version from PEP 621 TOML

Medusa for Apache Cassandra™

Medusa is an Apache Cassandra backup system.


Medusa is a command line tool that offers the following features:

  • Single node backup
  • Single node restore
  • Cluster wide in place restore (restoring on the same cluster that was used for the backup)
  • Cluster wide remote restore (restoring on a different cluster than the one used for the backup)
  • Backup purge
  • Support for local storage, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Azure Blob Storage and AWS S3 (and its compatibles)
  • Support for clusters using single tokens or vnodes
  • Full or differential backups

Medusa currently does not support (but we would gladly accept help with changing that):

  • Cassandra deployments with multiple data folder directories.


For user questions and general/dev discussions, please join the #cassandra-medusa channel on the ASF slack at

Docker images

You can find the Docker images for Cassandra Medusa at


Medusa requires Python 3.8 or newer.

For information on the packaged dependencies of Medusa for Apache Cassandra® and their licenses, check out our open source report.