store your bash history (and some metadata) in an sqlite3 database
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The Internet never forgets... your bash history

(also, this isn't on the Internet)

This is a bash script based on one written by HN user leni536 that stores your bash command history (and metadata) in an sqlite3 database. This script is only tested to work on OS X El Cap.


Check out the repo, and add the contents of bash-profile.stub to the end of your ~/.bash_profile. Place the script in your $HOME with filename


The history bash builtin still only reads ~/.bash_history, so your ! commands (and other such tools) don't know anything about the sqlite3 db. There are three utility functions defined:

  • dbhistory: Search the sqlite3 db using a LIKE SQL query.
  • dbhist: alias for dbhistory
  • dbexec: Execute the historical command_id specified