Python wrapper script around rsync to create incremental backups
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Wrapper around rsync which creates incremental backups using the 'link-dest'
feature of rsync, so it is creating hardlinks. It checks whether the
destiation is correctly mounted to ensure that the backup goes into the right
location. It saves the log-files of each backup together with the backup itself
for later debugging. The script features a 'statdir' which can help you to
track when the last backup was done even if the target-drive is currently not
plugged in. This works by writing the backup-timestamps into a folder on your
harddisk. To distinguish between mulptile drives, you must first create a
'.drive_id' file in the root of the device which contains a unique-identifier
of this backup-device.
The script is designed for use as a user to backup the home-directory or parts
of it. It is not meant to backup a whole system. 

    - Set LOGFILE to a appropriate location
    - Add one or multiple backup-jobs to the CONFIG array