A Rust crate for BBC micro:bit development
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therealprof Beta-proofed the crate and bumped version.
Signed-off-by: Daniel Egger <daniel@eggers-club.de>
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microbit contains everything required to get started with the use of Rust to create firmwares for the faboulus BBC micro:bit microcontroller board. This little board contains has everything and a kitchensink built-in, even a capable debugging interface, so all that one needs to get going with progamming this device is:

  • A BBC micro:bit board
  • A computer (macOS and Linux work perfectly, Windows tested as well)
  • A bit of open source software

Some very preliminary examples of using this crate can be found here in this repo or here on my blog.
A guide to embedded development using Rust on the microbit using this crate can be found in the MicroRust book.


0-clause BSD license.