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nRF Rust

Rust on the nRF series of microcontrollers

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  1. nrf-hal Public

    A Rust HAL for the nRF family of devices

    Rust 242 98

  2. microbit Public

    A Rust crate for BBC micro:bit development

    Rust 96 30

  3. Rust support for the nrf52840-mdk development board

    Rust 22 5

  4. nrf52832-pac Public archive

    Peripheral Access Crate for the nRF52832 microcontroller

    Rust 20 6

  5. nrf51-hal Public archive

    A Rust embedded-hal impl crate for the Nordic nrf51 series of microcontrollers

    Rust 19 15

  6. nrf51 Public archive

    Rust register descriptions for Nordic Semiconductor NRF51 MCUs

    Rust 12 6


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