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ssh-askpass for OS X/macOS. Works in (at least) 10.7+ (including High Sierra)

Used to accept (or deny) the use of the private key(s) added to the SSH authentication agent with ssh-add -c.


If you’re having trouble with ssh-askpass after OS upgrade, please follow the installation steps again.



  • Run:

    $ brew tap theseal/ssh-askpass
    $ brew install ssh-askpass
  • Follow caveats

Without Homebrew

  • Run:
$ sudo cp ssh-askpass /usr/local/bin/
$ cp ssh-askpass.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
  • Log out and in before you can add keys to the agent with ssh-add -c

Enabling keyboard navigation

For security reasons ssh-askpass defaults to cancel since it's too easy to press spacebar and accept a connection or other actions which might use ssh-keys. To make it easier to press OK:

  • Go to System Preferences and then Keyboard.

Pre 10.11

  • Under the Keyboard tab, click on All controls.


  • Under the Shortcuts tab, click on All controls.

Now you can press ⇥+spacebar to press OK.


ISC license