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This repository provides the source of the homepage . You need to use Nanoc from to generate the readable contents.


This work belongs to TheSLinux.


This work is released under the conditions of the license CC BY-SA that can be found originally from . Some page in this work may need a different license; if that's the case the license will be mentioned explicitly.

How to contribute

To contribute to this work you need to create a fork of the Github repository , make some changes and create your pull request. Remember to fetch the latest updates from the main repository (see the address provided) by using git pull [--rebase] to avoid some potential conflicts.

Before creating new pull request you need to review your changes locally by using the view or watch options provided by Nanoc.

The branches

Normally you would work on the master branch where all documentations of the project are stored. If you have any special feature, please fork and create a feature branch from that.

The core branch contains the important Ruby code, and that branch should not be updated by non-privileged developers. Because there are some mergences that causes very bad and messy logs, please consider to use cherry-pick if you want to use any core feature on your branch.

Some important files that are on core branch

  • Hook scripts in bin/
  • Layout files in layouts/
  • Stylesheet files in content/stylesheet.css
  • All ruby files in any directories
  • Nanoc configuration files

This list is not complete. It is always safe to use master if you are working on real contents of the site. Any changes to font colors, font size, layouts, bla bla must be on core branch.

Important notes: Since 2013 July 28th, the two branches are divergent and you can't merge them. The only way to get core feature is to use cherry-pick. However, you should not do that unless you really mean what you are going to do.


The following Ruby gems are required to build source files with nanoc and to view the output with nanoc view.

adsf coderay git kramdown nanoc kramdown \
fssm coderay nokogiri guard guard-nanoc

Please note that you need Ruby-1.9 or higher.

Example. Other notes

The guard gem is an useful to watch your source directory; if there is any change guard will invoke nanoc compile to build your source. Please take a look at the example in


This command normally generates so many output from Guard and nanoc. You may skip all or most of them by using some known redirections.