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The official specification of the WCA Competition Interchange Format.
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The official specification of the WCA Competition Interchange Format.

Implementation notes

Currently the WCA website implements most of the specification. The WCIF data for the given competition can be obtained via the following endpoints:

Public endpoint

Publicly available (with the confidential attributes stripped out). Note: the data may be cached up to 5 minutes.

Authorized endpoint

Restricted to competition managers. Additionally, a PATCH request allows for saving the data (currently a significant subset of it).

Note on WCA Live

In order to get up-to-date live results in the WCIF data, make sure you Synchronize on WCA Live. This action makes WCA Live save the data back to the WCA website, making it available for you when requesting one of the WCIF endpoints.


  • Currently the WCA website returns Person#registrantId of null for people without a registration (e.g. non-participating organizer).
  • Currently the WCA website does not implement the following attributes: Event#competitorLimit, Event#qualification, Round#scrambleSets, Activity#scrambleSetId


There are many applications using the WCIF format already, those include:

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