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A file collection page type for Django/Mezzanine.
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Mezzanine File Collections

Mezzanine File Collection is a simple file container page type for the Django / Mezzanine CMS.

The Mezzanine's core gallery module only deals with images. I got frustrated with it, I quickly developed an alternative to handle any filetype.

Most of this app's code is directly inspired from the Mezzanine's core.


Installation is quite simple.

$ pip install mezzanine-file-collections

Add "mezzanine_file_collections" to your list of installed apps. Then migrate your database. That's it.


Once installed, just create a new "Media Library" page, and upload your files the usual way.

The default templates uses Bootstrap's media objects for a basic rendering, but it's very easy to overwrite it. Just look into the template.

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