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SoundCloud frontend for Emacs powered by emms
Emacs Lisp
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SoundCloud client in yo' Emacs. Available now on MELPA as soundcloud.



brew install mplayer  # for os x
sudo apt-get install mplayer  # for ubuntu


soundcloud is available on MELPA.

M-x package-install <RET> soundcloud <RET>

emms config

If you've never used emms before, you'll need to add these lines to your init.el

(require 'emms-setup)

Getting Started

M-x soundcloud

a: go to an artist using their permalink name
s: search for an artist by name
p: play/pause
f: next song
b: previous song
q: quit


  • Play tracks of a specific artist
  • Search for artists by name
  • Compatible out of the box with most EMMS commands, e.g. emms-seek-to


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