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createRelationship metod #9

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Hi, I like node-neo4j very much.

I need to implement someting like this
" ... relation = db.createRelationship(currentNodeId, id, "VSEBUJE", saveRelation) ..."

but in source code is stated:

# Relationships
createRelationship: (startNode, endNode, type, _) ->
# TODO: Implement

Can you give me some advise how can I implement this metod.

Thank you , Jadran


Sorry for the delay in responding -- we totally missed this.

The library follows the REST API's conventions. The REST API doesn't have a way to create a relationship arbitrarily, but rather to create a relationship from/to a node. So the library exposes this via Node instance methods createRelationshipTo() and createRelationshipFrom().

rel = node1.createRelationshipTo(node2, 'FOLLOWS', {
}, callback);

Hope this helps!

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