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A simple demo board for the TTN NYC Hardware Office Hours!

Soldering (optional)

Simple introduction to soldering by attaching the DHT11/22 and a 10k thru-hole pullup resistor. Male or female header can also be added to support Arduino shields.



Libraries Needed

Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries

  • Adafruit Unified Sensor - by Adafruit
  • DHT sensor library - by Adafruit
  • TheThingsNetwork - by The Things Network
  • CayenneLPP - by The Things Network

The Things Network

The Things Network is our LoRaWAN network server.

Create Account

Create Application

Add Cayenne Integration

Also choose Cayenne LPP from Payload Formats tab.

Add Device

Upload DeviceInfo sketch from TheThingsNetwork library to get DevEUI.


Download nycDuino-demo.ino from this repo.

Use the AppEUI and AppKey from TTN dashboard to personalize the Arduino sketch on lines 6 and 7.

Tools -> Board -> Arduino Leonardo



Create Account

Add Device

LoRa -> The Things Network -> Cayenne LPP

Bonus Round

  • Don't use delay() to time transmissions
  • Use downlink to set onboard LED state
  • Lower power by using sleep and idle