Use icons from fontawesome in home-assistant
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Use free icons from the fontawesome set in Home-assistant.


The icons are divided into three sets.

  • Solid
  • Regular
  • Brands

Copy the html files for the sets you want into <config>/www/ where <config> is your home-assistant config directory (the directory where your configuration.yaml resides).

Add the folowing to the frontend section of your configuration.yaml

    - /local/hass-fontawesome-solid.html
    - /local/hass-fontawesome-regular.html
    - /local/hass-fontawesome-brands.html

Only add the files you want. They are rather large, and adds to the download size and loading time of your frontend.

Restart home-assistant.


Find the icon you want in the gallery.

The three icon sets have different prefixes: fas:, far: and fab: respectively.


  • to get a solid heart, use fas:heart
  • to get a heart outline, use far:heart
  • to get the twitter symbo, use fab:twitter