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Threat Stack Cookbook

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NOTE: As of 3.x of this cookbook we only explicitly support version 2.x of the threatstack agent and greater.

Chef recipes to deploy the Threat Stack server agent


  • chef > 12.15


  • Amazon Linux
  • CentOS
  • RedHat
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian


The following Opscode cookbooks are dependencies:

  • apt
  • yum



Installs the Threat Stack agent package and register the agent with the service


Sets up the Apt or Yum repo for installing the Threat Stack agent package


  1. Add this cookbook to your Chef Server or add to your Berksfile
cookbook 'threatstack', '~> 3.0.0'
  1. Add your deploy api key. The recommended way is to use an encrypted databag with name and item specified by the corresponding attributes. The cookbook will use the 'deploy_key' value from the databag by default. You can also set the key directly or using a wrapper cookbook in the node['threatstack']['deploy_key'] attribute. Setting the key will disable the encrypted data bag lookup.

Additionally you we can read the deploy key from the node.run_state['threatstack']['deploy_key'] location Simply set the value of the deploy key in the run state at that location.

  1. Set the node['threatstack']['rulesets'] appropriately for your node(s). This attribute is an array.

  2. Add this recipe to your runlist or include in another recipe


node['threatstack']['version'] - Set to pin to a specific Threat Stack agent release version.

node['threatstack']['rulesets'] - (Required) Set this with an array of ruleset(s) to apply to the node

node['threatstack']['hostname'] - register the agent in the UI by a specific name (defaults to hostname).

node['threatstack']['ignore_failure'] - Set to true if you want the install to silently fail.

node['threatstack']['deploy_key'] - (Required) Override this with your deploy key for agent registration

node['threatstack']['data_bag_name'] - Name of the encrypted databag containing Threat Stack secrets

node['threatstack']['data_bag_item'] - Name of the encrypted databag item containing Threat Stack secrets

node['threatstack']['agent_config_args'] - Additional configuration settings for setting up agent

node['threatstack']['enable_containers'] - Set this to true in order to enable container observation. Note: container capability must already be installed and running.

Encrypted Data Bag Contents

deploy_key - the deploy key for agent registration.

Contributing enhancements/fixes

See the CONTRIBUTING document for details.


Chef Cookbook to install the Threat Stack agent




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