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ConFix - Automated Patch Generation with Context-based Change Application
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ConFix - Automated Patch Generation with Context-based Change Application

For detailed approaches and evaluation, please check this manuscript.

Currently, ConFix is fitted to execute for Defects4j bugs. To run ConFix, you'll need the followings. for paths and configuration.
Test lists for cascade candidate verification. ConFix only executes the next list if all in the previous are passed. tests.trigger - a list of trigger tests.
tests.relevent - a list of relevent tests.
tests.all - the full list.
coverage-info.obj - an object file storing CoverageManager for coverage information.

You can find samples of these file in samples.
For coverage-info.obj, you can create CoverageManager instance and store it with IOUtils.storeObject().

ConFix also requires a change pool.
PTLRH and PLRT change pools obtained from 9 open source projects can be found here.

During execution, ConFix may generate the following files.

coveredlines.txt - a list of lines considered for modification in current configuration.
lines-{pool}.txt - a list of fix location candidates examined with {pool}.
locinfo.csv - Information of checked location/change numbers.
patch_info - Information of generated plausible patches.
patches - Containing generated plausible patches. candidates - a temp. dir to store current candidate code.
tmp - a temp. dir for compilation and test execution.

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