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Machine Stats

A simple and effective way to gather machine statistics (RAM, Storage, CPU) from a server environment as a first layer of a Tidal Migrations discovery process.

Supports Windows and Unix-like platforms.

NB: For other platforms or custom integrations, see the guides here.


Getting an accurate view of your infrastructure needs is useful when planning a cloud migration. Most datacenter operations groups have a good view of their overall storage utilization from various SAN and virtualization management tools, but relying on these aggregated data points often causes teams to underestimate the storage needs of their applications in the cloud.

When taking an application-centric approach to cloud migration, getting the resource utilization from each individual server gives you a more accurate view of each application's resource requirements in the cloud and ignores the trickery of thin-provisioning from SAN tools. This allows you to confidently plan data replication time, or other migration metrics on an app-by-app basis.

┌ Machine Stats ─────────────┐                           ╔═ T I D A L   M I G R A T I O N S  ════╗
│                            │                           ║                                       ║
│  CPU, RAM, Storage etc.    │                           ║  - Single Source of Truth             ║
│                            │   `tidal sync servers`    ║  - Server, Database, and              ║
│                            │──────────────────────────>║    Application Inventory              ║
│                            │                           ║                                       ║
│                            │                           ║                                       ║
└────────────────────────────┘                           ╚═══════════════════════════════════════╝

As your cloud migration will likely take place over many months or years, it's important to have current resource requirements throughout your journey. To accomplish this, setup machine_stats in a cron job or Scheduled Task and synchronize your data on a daily basis to Tidal Migrations.

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