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Beagle IM

XMPP client for macOS

Beagle IM

What it is

XMPP client for macOS based on TigaseSwift XMPP library.


BeagleIM is powerful XMPP client with support for file transfer, VoIP and end-to-end encryption.

To learn more about the XMPP client features visit


When looking for support, please first search for answers to your question in the available online channels:

If you didn't find an answer in the resources above, feel free to submit an issue.


You can download it from the Mac App Store or using Homebrew package manager:

brew tap tigase/tigase
brew install beagleim

See our Homebrew tap for details

Using software

After installing it, go to Preferences and add an account or register a new one. After that you can start using XMPP client for chatting over XMPP with your account.


Tigase Tigase Logo Official Tigase repository is available at:

Copyright (c) 2004 Tigase, Inc.

Licensed under GPL License Version 3. Other licensing options available upon request.