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Tigase, Inc.

Real-time Communication Software


  1. (M) Highly optimized, extremely modular and very flexible XMPP/Jabber server

    Java 217 78

  2. (M) XMPP client for macOS based on TigaseSwift XMPP library

    Swift 110 19

  3. (M) Public Project of Tigase Messenger for iOS devices based on Tigase Swift XMPP library.

    Swift 113 23

  4. (M) Tigase Swift XMPP client library

    Swift 49 16

  5. stork Public

    (M) Android XMPP Client

    Java 40 10

  6. (M) Tool allowing easy migration data to Tigase XMPP Server from other XMPP servers

    Java 2 1



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