ADL (Algebraic Data Language)
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adl/stdlib/sys Replaced Literal with Json in adlast Aug 12, 2017
cpp Removed protocols support, as it's not progressed past the experimental Apr 5, 2017
doc Update Sep 21, 2018
haskell Exclude Doc string annotations from generated typescript AST Sep 3, 2018
java Java helper function to read an ADL value from a URL Jul 19, 2018
typescript Added a declaration or module annotation to disable generation of typ… Sep 3, 2018
.gitignore Added a JavaGenerate annotation to allow modules and declaration to b… Dec 16, 2017
LICENSE Switch to more permissive BSD3 license Oct 17, 2016
Makefile Fix the serialization of haskell Maybe custom type. Jan 31, 2017

ADL (Algebraic Data Language)

A framework for building cross language data models. It consists of a DSL for describing data types, code generators for several target languages, and runtimes for these languages.