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This project is not maintained and very out of date. It was a fun experiment but has not been updated in years. It likely does not compile against current versions of node. There are a few other projects attempting to do the same thing, including Go look at those projects instead.

Node.js bindings for GTK 2.6.

Using NodeGTK, you can create fully functional GUI applications in Node.js.

Awesome advantages over C++ etc.

Well, you are using JavaScript, which is pretty sweet. It allows you to do things like

var button = gtk.button_new("Click me!")
gtk.signal_connect(button, 'click', function() {
	console.log("Clicked the button");

var window = gtk.window_new(gtk.WINDOW_TYPE);
gtk.window_set_title(window, "Welcome to NodeGTK");
gtk.container_add(window, button);

Anonymous function signal callbacks. Life has never been sweeter.


Quite a bit. This is an initial work in progress release. Many things work, but many things are yet to be implemented.

  • Implement all GTK classes
  • Implement all GTK signals
  • Create an object oriented set up:
  var button = new gtk.Button({label: "Click me!"});
  button.signalConnect('click', function() {
     console.log("Clicked the button");

  var window = new gtk.Window({type: gtk.WINDOW_TYPE});
  window.set('title', 'Welcome to NodeGTK');

See the TODO list for more details