A simple node command line todo app using WP REST API on WordPress.com
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This is a simple example application using the new WP REST API on WordPress.com that allows you to track your todo list. To use the application locally, you will need node installed, a WordPress.com site ( preferrably marked private ) and an oauth token with permissions to said site.


Install node on your computer and clone this repo.

Have a WordPress.com site handy, or ideally make a new one specifically for your todo's.

Generate an authentication token following the auth documentation.

Open index.js in your local copy of this repo and edit lines 5 and 6 with your authkey and WordPress.com domain

const authKey = 'Bearer <GENEREATED TOKEN HERE>';
const WordPressComUrl = '<YOUR SITE>.wordpress.com';

Install the node module globally via npm install -g - you may need to npm link as well to ensure the wptodo command is available everywhere.


Type wptodo from the command prompt to display the options. But you can wptodo add to add a new item. wptodo list to list all open items, and wptodo done folled by the todo number ( post ID ) to mark an item as done.


GPL v3. See the LICENSE file.