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Java to Scala conversion

Scalagen is a Java to Scala conversion tool. It uses a Java based parser for Java sources and provides modular transformation of the AST to match Scala idioms. The resulting transformed AST is serialized into Scala format.

Here is a list of example Java sources which have been successfully converted by Scalagen:

Scalagen has also been tested on our own projects such as Querydsl, RDFBean, Codegen and some customer projects.


Scalagen provides direct Maven support via a plugin. You can use it directly via the command line like this

mvn com.mysema.scalagen:scalagen-maven-plugin:0.2.2:main -DtargetFolder=target/scala

and for test sources

mvn com.mysema.scalagen:scalagen-maven-plugin:0.2.2:test -DtargetFolder=target/scala

Here is the snippet for an explicit configuration in a POM:


To convert main sources run

mvn scalagen:main

and to convert test sources run

mvn scalagen:test

The conversion results are to be seen as a starting point for the Java to Scala conversion. Some elements are not transformed correctly for various reasons and will need manual intervention.


Scalagen development instructions are here


To create the jar run

mvn -Pscala-2.11.x clean package

To import the project in to eclipse run

mvn -Pscala-2.11.x eclipse:eclipse

The maven profiles (the part after the -P) can be:

  • scala-2.11.x
  • scala-2.10.x
  • scala-2.9.x