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Ruby Pomodoro app for the command-line (time / task management)
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Command-line application for the Pomodoro time management technique, with notification and tmux status bar support.


With Pomo you can add, remove, list, view, and start timing tasks all via the command-line with a simple, slick interface. You are reminded of the remaining time on a task via Notification Center, Growl, libnotify, or Quicksilver. These notifications appear half-way, at the 5 minute point, and when the task duration has expired. Also, the Pomo timer can be displayed in your tmux status bar.


$ gem install pomo


Pomo uses ~/.pomorc for configuration options.

To initialize a default configuration file:

$ pomo initconfig

See Configuration Options for more details on all the available options.

Task Selection API

Taken from pomo help:

pomo provides a unified task selection api which can be used
with most of the commands. Commands with [task] or [task ...]
in their synopsis accept only single or both single and multiple
task selection, respectively.

Single task selection:
n          : selects a single task by index : Ex: pomo remove 1
first      : selects the first task         : Ex: pomo remove first
last       : selects the last task          : Ex: pomo remove last

Multiple task selection:
[n ]+      : selects several tasks by index : Ex: pomo remove 2 8 1
[n..n]+    : selects a range of tasks       : Ex: pomo remove 5..9 11..14
[n..-n]+   : selects a range of tasks       : Ex: pomo remove 2..-1
[api ]+    : selects several tasks by api   : Ex: pomo remove first last
complete   : selects complete tasks         : Ex: pomo remove complete
incomplete : selects incomplete tasks       : Ex: pomo remove incomplete
all        : selects all tasks              : Ex: pomo remove all


  • View global or command specific help:

    $ pomo help
    $ pomo help add
    $ pomo help remove
  • Get started by adding a task:

    $ pomo add "Fix IE6 stying issues"

    And another:

    $ pomo add "Destroy IE6" --description "because IE6 is terrible"
  • List your tasks (or use pomo which defaults to pomo list):

    $ pomo list
        0. Fix IE6 stying issues                : 25 minutes
        1. Destroy IE6                          : 25 minutes
  • Start the first incomplete task:

    $ pomo start

    A notification window will display:

Pomo OS X Notification

  • Alternatively, you can start the first incomplete task with a progress bar:

    $ pomo start --progress
    Started Fix IE6 stying issues, you have 25 minutes :)
    (=........................) 24 minutes remaining
  • Once you have completed the task, list again (alternatively pomo ls) for remaining tasks:

    $ pomo ls
        1. Destroy IE6                          : 25 minutes
  • Or take a break:

    $ pomo break
    $ pomo break 10
    $ pomo break --length 10
  • List all tasks:

    $ pomo ls --all
      ✓ 0. Fix IE6 stying issues                : 25 minutes
        1. Destroy IE6                          : 25 minutes
  • List only completed tasks:

    $ pomo ls --complete
      ✓ 0. Fix IE6 stying issues                : 25 minutes
  • At any time mid-task you may terminate pomo via CTRL + C, at which time you may manually complete the task:

    $ pomo complete first
    $ pomo complete last
    $ pomo complete 1
    $ pomo complete all
    $ pomo complete incomplete
    $ pomo complete 5..7
  • The next time you run pomo start the first incomplete task will start:

    $ pomo start

    Or choose a specific task:

    $ pomo start first
    $ pomo start last
    $ pomo start 5
  • You may also remove tasks:

    $ pomo remove first
    $ pomo remove last
    $ pomo remove 2
    $ pomo remove 1
    $ pomo remove 6
    $ pomo rm first
    $ pomo rm 2..5
    $ pomo rm 1..-1
  • View task details:

    $ pomo show first
    $ pomo show last
    $ pomo show 5
    $ pomo show 1 2 3
  • Remove all tasks:

    $ pomo remove all
    $ pomo rm all
  • Or if you prefer, create a directory specific task list. Pomo will auto-detect ./.pomo in this directory, and utilize its contents.

    $ pomo init

Configuration Options

The default configuration for pomo is as follows:

  • Notification library is set to Notification Center on OSX 10.8; Growl on OSX 10.7 or less and Windows; and libnotify on Linux
  • Progress bar is turned off
  • tmux integration is turned off

Settings are easily customizable. Taken from pomo help initconfig:


# Configure with notification center, no progress bar, and tmux integration
pomo initconfig --notifier notification_center --no-progress --tmux

  --notifier <lib>     Specify notificaiton library: `notification_center`, `libnotify`, `growl`, `quicksilver`
  --[no-]progress      Run with progress bar
  --[no-]tmux          Refresh tmux status bar on timer change
  --[no-]force         force overwrite of existing config file

Tmux Status Bar Integration

Pomo's timer can be displayed in tmux's status bar with the following configuration set:

pomo initconfig --tmux

Then add the below to your ~/.tmux.conf:

set-option -g status-right '#(cat ~/.pomo_stat)'

The timer will display with the default color when not active, green during a Pomodoro, red during the last 5 minutes of a Pomodoro, and blue during a break e.g.

tmux status bar


We ❤️ pull requests and feedback. Feel free to submit a ticket or see CONTRIBUTING for details on pull requests.


Copyright (c) 2012 TJ Holowaychuk. See LICENSE for details.

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