Shim for the language server protocol developed by Microsoft
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Hi everyone, Thanks for all the support this plugin has received. If you like it, consider giving feedback and/or help, patches and review to , where I'll be working on incorporating this into Neovim.

Once that is merged, I'll probably just delete everything inside the repository (you can go back in history if you'd like it :) ) and point to Neovim's documentation.


Old info

Shim for the language server protocol developed by Microsoft. The protocol can be found here:


First you need to install a language server. An example of installing one might be:

$ go get

A more complete set of language servers can be found here:

You will need to put this somewhere that is sourced on startup.

let g:langserver_executables = {
      \ 'go': {
        \ 'name': 'sourcegraph/langserver-go',
        \ 'cmd': ['langserver-go', '-trace', '-logfile', expand('~/Desktop/langserver-go.log')],
        \ },
      \ }

To start the language server, run the command:


After starting the language server, you should be able to run commands like:


and some more to come.

More configuration to come...