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A code-golf language written in Mathematica
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Sledgehammer is a stack-based code-golf language written in, and based on, Wolfram Language. Its goal is to minimize size of compressed source. Sledgehammer consists of two parts:

  • A compressor/decompressor for Wolfram Language expressions
  • A code-golf library (not yet implemented as of 0.4)

Prior art

While Mthmtca compresses each Mathematica token into 4 bytes, Sledgehammer achieves an average compression ratio of 1 to 1.3 bytes per token. Optimized Sledgehammer code size should be comparable to that of other golfing languages.

Instructions for use

For all non-reference purposes, use the interactive app.

To use Sledgehammer from the command line (on Windows), run a program like

wolframscript -script hammer.wls w codeFile.hmr

To take input from a file, use

wolframscript -script hammer.wls b codeFile.txt inputFile.txt

Arguments in an input file should be separated by newlines.


w    Run Wolfram Language code from file, and check compression/decompression.
c    Run compressed code from file. Default for code-golf scoring purposes.
b    Run UTF-8 encoded Braille source code from file.
d    Print debug information to stdout and compressed/uncompressed form to files.
n    Do not execute the code (but still check compression).

Unimplemented flags:

l    Print information about Sledgehammer builtins.
s	   Format the code as a Stack Exchange Code Golf submission.
x    Print explanation of code from Mathematica or Sledgehammer docs.
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