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With react-clickdrag, you'll be able to easily add a click and drag feature on every component you want.


react-clickdrag is a special function which takes 2 arguments. The first one is the Component itself, the second argument is the options react-clickdrag can take.

The options are:

  • touch: Enable touch events (default: false)
  • resetOnSpecialKeys: Decide to reset the mouse position when a special keys is pressed (ctrl, shift, alt). (default: false)
  • getSpecificEventData: Function to specify if you need specific data from the mouse/touch event. (default: empty function)
  • onDragStart: Function called when you start dragging the component. (default: empty function)
  • onDragStop: Function called when you stop dragging the component. (default: empty function)
  • onDragMove: Function called when you move the component. (default: empty function)

When you wrap your component using the clickdrag function, your component will receive a special props called dataDrag. Inside this dataDrag object, you'll find these information:

  • isMouseDown (boolean)
  • isMoving (boolean)
  • mouseDownPositionX (number)
  • mouseDownPositionY (number)
  • moveDeltaX (number)
  • moveDeltaY (number)

If you defined a specific event data function using getSpecificEventData. You'll also find the information you specify in the dataDrag props.


Here's a copy of the example you can find in example folder

import clickdrag from 'react-clickdrag';

class ExampleComponent extends React.Component {

    constructor(props) {

        this.state = {
            lastPositionX: 0,
            lastPositionY: 0,
            currentX: 0,
            currentY: 0

    componentWillReceiveProps(nextProps) {
        if(nextProps.dataDrag.isMoving) {
                currentX: this.state.lastPositionX + nextProps.dataDrag.moveDeltaX,
                currentY: this.state.lastPositionY + nextProps.dataDrag.moveDeltaY
        else {
                lastPositionX: this.state.currentX,
                lastPositionY: this.state.currentY

    render() {
        var translation = 'translate('+this.state.currentX+'px, '+this.state.currentY+'px)';

        return React.createElement('div', {
            style: {width: '200px', height: '200px', backgroundColor: 'red', transform: translation}

var ClickDragExample = clickDrag(ExampleComponent, {touch: true});

export default ClickDragExample;

You can find another example of this module inside react-number-editor.


MIT, see LICENSE.md for details.