Course materials for administrators and teacher leaders on using questions to drive inquiry and communicate effectively with data.
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1-Effective Data
2-Frame Questions and Find
3-Clean, Organize, and
5-Storytelling with

Data Academy

A series of workshops about using data effectively to ask and answer questions. You will generate a question to investigate, then use data systems and Excel to extract and explore related data. Finally, you will apply best practices for data literacy and communication to share the answer to your question. Up to fifteen clock hours will be available to cover both meeting time and homework.

What is effective data use?

We will explore current frameworks and research around data use in schools. Topics will include data literacy, student-involved data use, and classroom “look fors.”

Frame questions and find data

We will focus on asking high-leverage questions, then using data mining, canned reports and extracts, and other options to pull relevant data from Skyward and Homeroom to answer these questions.

Clean, organize, and explore

It’s time to sharpen your skills with Excel, including how to join data from multiple sources, build pivot tables, as well as formula basics.

Visual(ization) literacy

Many of us were taught to read and write text, but few know the basic rules of creating and interpreting powerful visuals. We will focus on elements of visual communication, including color, chart choice, and other attributes.

Storytelling with data

A data story combines text, data, and visual elements. During this session, we will consider the ethics of design choices, the responsibilities of communicating data in equitable ways, and how we can use basic statistics to know when we have a story.