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SubGit Documentation Markdown

Each Chapter .md file must start from following YAML header:

layout: default (always stays default)
title: "Chapter title" (a copy of chapter title, it is important to put the title in quotes)
category: chapter / subchapter (use chapter for main chapters and subchapter for subchapters like 3.1)
weight: 1 (a unique number to each chapter file)

Chapter title prefix - ##Chapter 1. Overview

Subchapter title prefix - ###Chapter 5.1. Installation Stages

Figure titles or any bold text must be wrapped in double asterisks - **strong or bold**

Italic or emphasized text must be wrapped in single asterisks - *italic or emphasized*

To insert an image use this ![alt text]({{ site.baseurl }}/img/image_name.png) where you can change only "alt text" which is the text to be inserted into alt="" attribute of an image tag and "/img/image_name.png" which is a file path and name of desired image.

Each paragraph starts with just a new line.

To create a link to another chapter simply do following: Create a link See Chapter 5.1, in brackets put pound symbol and weight number from the header of the desired .md file. Chapter 5.1 of SubGit book, as in our example, has weight number 15, so the link will look like this See Chapter 5.1

Unordered list are created by a block of lines starting with "+" symbol followed by a single space:

+ Item one
+ Item two
+ Item n

To create a clickable email address, simply put it into angle brackets like this <>

URLs have following format click here or you can just wrap the link into angle brackets if the text and destination are the same. Thus <\> would create <a href=""\>\</a>

Except for the blocks of code, use underscore symbol with backslash: SVN_PATH > SVN\_PATH

When you want to insert a
using Markdown, you end a line with two or more spaces, then type return.

`` for inline monospace.

Markdown provides backslash escapes for the following characters:

\ backslash
` backtick
* asterisk
_ underscore
{} curly braces
[] square brackets
() parentheses
# hash mark
+ plus sign
- minus sign (hyphen)
. dot
! exclamation mark

Enjoy! :)


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