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A keycounter, made to record one-dimensional data of computer usage for the purpose of visualization and analysis.

Use it with

minute is the original - it uses d3js to render minute output in-browser with some interactivity.

Sleep Chart calculates hours of sleep based on keystroke gaps. Depressing, right?

basically.js is a non-interactive but faster minute visualization based on node-canvas.

weekgram.js draws keystroke frequency per minute for a week, showing patterns in sleeping hours, etc.

How to Use it

Download the binary (see below), and run it. It'll record keystrokes at ~/Documents/minute/keystrokes.log in a CSV document. In order for this to work, you need to enable access for assistive devices:


You can compile from source here, but you probably want to just download a pre-built binary to get this working.

See Also

What it Does, Technically

It fills in a log at ~/Documents/minute/keystrokes.log with the number of keystrokes you make every minute.

All it does is count keystrokes. Unlike a keylogger, it doesn't steal your money, or do anything amusing that gains national attention. If you don't trust me, read the horribly constructed Objective-C yourself, or don't use it.

It requires the Accessibility API to enabled, or for you to trust the application.

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