extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages
Vim script
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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=39

The matchit.vim script allows you to configure % to match more than just
single characters.  You can match words and even regular expressions.
Also, matching treats strings and comments (as recognized by the
syntax highlighting mechanism) intelligently.
The default ftplugins include settings for several languages:
Ada, ASP with VBS, Csh, DTD, Essbase, Fortran, HTML, JSP
(same as HTML), LaTeX, Lua, Pascal, SGML, Shell, Tcsh, Vim, XML.
(I no longer keep track, so there may be others.)
The documentation (included in the zip file) explains how to configure
the script for a new language and how to modify the defaults.

Since vim 6.0, matchit.vim has been included in the standard vim distribution,
under the macros/ directory; the version here may be more recent.