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An efficient shared memory IP blocking system for nginx. [Also see ip-blocker-agent]. [Not maintained].
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config Remove pre nginx v1.9.11 compatibility in config Jan 31, 2017
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nginx-ip-blocker is the other half of tmthrgd/ip-blocker-agent.


tar -xzvf nginx-1.9.15.tar.gz
cd nginx-1.9.15/

# Here we assume Nginx is to be installed under /opt/nginx/.
./configure --prefix=/opt/nginx \

make -j2
make install



syntax: ip_blocker <name-of-shared-memory> [whitelist code=xxx] | off

default: ip_blocker off

context: http, server, server if, location, location if

Blocks (or whitelists) IP address specified in the named shared memory (see tmthrgd/ip-blocker-agent).

The whitelist flag causes matches to be accepted rather than denied.

The code flag allows the HTTP code returned for a match to be specified.

The directive may be specified multiple times to specify multiple blocklists. The exact behaviour depends on the value of the satisfy directive.


Unless otherwise noted, the nginx-ip-blocker source files are distributed under the Modified BSD License found in the LICENSE file.