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Dev blog

Development prerequisites

  • git
  • python (2.7)
  • swig
  • build tools (e.g. base-devel in arch Linux. Required for compiling pybox2d)
  • swig library
  • virtualenv

On Arch: pacman -S git base-devel python2 swig python-virtualenv

Get b/e dependencies

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Get f/e deps

cd frontend
npm install
bower install
patch --verbose -p0 < patches/*.patch

Build f/e

cd frontend
grunt build

Run devel env

cd backend
./ &
cd ../frontend


Create your own server-configs/httpd-archers-your_server_name.conf and server-configs/supervisor-archers-your_server_name.conf files based on the included examples.


import os
from fabric.api import env, task

# List all servers here
LOCATIONS = ("your_server_name", )

# All locations + the server browse
PROVIDERS = LOCATIONS + ("serverbrowser", )

def your_server_name():
	env.user = 'root'
	env.environment = 'your_server_name'
	env.hosts = [''] #put server ip here
	env.root = '/srv/http/archers-your_server_name'
	env.python = '/usr/bin/python2'
	env.httpd_config_dir = '/etc/httpd/conf/vhosts/' #trailing slash required
	env.folders = {
		"backend/": "backend/",
		"frontend/public/": "frontend/",
		"resources/": "resources/",
	env.code_root = os.path.join(env.root, 'archers')
	env.requirements = os.path.join(env.root, 'archers', "backend")
	env.virtualenv_root = os.path.join(env.root, 'env')
	env.activate = 'source %s' % os.path.join(env.virtualenv_root, 'bin', 'activate')
	env.extra_opts = '-l --omit-dir-times'

def server_browser():
	env.user = 'root'
	env.environment = 'serverbrowser'
	env.hosts = [''] #put server-browser ip here
	env.root = '/srv/http/archers-serverbrowser'
	env.python = '/usr/bin/python2'
	env.folders = {
		"server_browser/build/": "."
	env.httpd_config_dir = '/etc/httpd/conf/vhosts'
	env.code_root = os.path.join(env.root, 'archers')
	env.extra_opts = '-L'

Make sure you've the following on the remote server: * httpd server like Apache or Nginx or similar * supervisord * rsync * git (required for fetching a dependency) * build tools (e.g. base-devel in arch Linux. Required for compiling pybox2d) * python (2.7) * swig library * virtualenv

On Arch: pacman -S nginx supervisor rsync git base-devel python2 swig python-virtualenv

Ideally setup key-based authentication (ssh-copy-id) then run fab build server bootstrap where server is configured in fabconfig (above). After making changes locally, you can redeploy by executing fab build server bootstrap.

Server browser is optional, can be configured in fabconfig as shown above and deployed using fab build server_browser bootstrap.


Archers game i.e. all code in this reposity is licensed under GPL 3.0. All blog posts i.e. contents of the blog/post/pages and blog/posts/posts folders are licensed under CC BY 3.0 license.

Archers! game makes use of artwork produced for Liberated Pixel Cup by the following authors & contributors: Barbara Rivera, Casper Nilsson, Chris Phillips, Anamaris and Krusmira (aka Emilio J Sanchez), Jonas Klinger, Joshua Taylor, Leo Villeveygoux, Matthew Nash, Lanea Zimmerman (AKA Sharm), Stephen Challener (AKA Redshrike), Charles Sanchez (AKA CharlesGabriel), Manuel Riecke (AKA MrBeast), Daniel Armstrong (AKA HughSpectrum), Connor Sherson, Mark Weyer, Daniel Eddeland, Juan Rodriguez, Johann Charlot, Cem Kalyoncu, Skyler Robert Colladay, Roman Ashiroxzer Iljin and released under dual license CC BY 3.0 and GPL 3.0

Archers! game makes use of icons by Game Icons by the following authors & contributors: Lorc, Delapouite, John, Felbrigg, John, Carl, sbed, PriorBlue, Willdabeast and released under CC BY 3.0


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