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RAFIKI - Riot Archive File extractor & packer

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Python API for reading and writing to a raf format used by RIOT's game Leauge of Legends. Tested on Mac and Windows (for platform's native version of the game).

*** This is low-level API exclusively for dealign with RAF files. If you're after multi-screen/ultrawide resolution support mod, see: lol-eyefinity-surround-fixhud.

Helper/Example Scripts

Extract all files containing hud string in its path. This will create a new folder extracted wher relevant files will be placed (under their full RAF path):

python bin/ extract -s full/path/to/lol -f "hud/elements" -o extracted

Find all files containing string hud, then search for file overrides in a folder named extracted and if an override exists, replace the file before packing everything back into archives. A new folder overrides will be created where relevant raf archives will be placed. You need to copy these files manually to actually include overrides in the game.

python bin/ pack -s full/path/to/lol -f "hud/elements" -r extracted -o overrides

Note: Running on Windows

All above should run ok on Windows. Bear in mind you need to change all "/" to "". Obviously you need to install Python for Windows

You will most likely need a 64 bit version of python (and 64 bit version of Windows) as 32 bit version tends to come up with a Memory Error on writing raf files. Patches welcome.


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