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TODO Group

👋 A Worldwide Community and Resource Hub for OSPO Practitioners


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TODO is an open community of practitioners who aim to create and share knowledge, collaborate on practices, tools, and other ways to run successful and effective Open Source Program Offices or similar Open Source initiatives. TODO Group is formed by its Community participants and General Members.

🚀 Learn from a diverse community of professionals with years of experience building OSPOs wordwide

“There is no broad template for building an open source program that applies across all industries — or even across all organizations in a single industry. That can make its creation a challenge, but you can learn lessons from other organizations (companies, academic institutions, governments, and more) and bring them together to fit your own organization’s requirements."

Founded in 2012, the TODO Group is a place to share experiences, develop best practices, and work on common tooling to improve OSPO adoption and education.

📝 Discover the TODO resources and initiatives

TODO resources are open to everyone and available at TODO Group GitHub repo under CC-BY 4.0 Licence. We encourage people to share their knowledge and help to grow this community by adding their contributions to the different TODO initiatives such as:

💬 Network

Connect with experienced OSPO professionals and industry supporters across sectors. Choose the best format that better fits your needs!

✏️ Training

Course materials to train folks in OSPO management and implementation.

  • OSPO Training Modules: OSPO 101 is a course on everything you need to know about open source program office management

📖 Education

Resources created by experienced professionals to keep learning about OSPOs

  • OSPO 5-stages Model & Archetypes: This whitepaper provides a set of patterns and directions – and even a checklist! – to help implement an OSPO or an open source initiative within corporate environments. This includes an OSPO maturity model, practical implementation from noted OSPO programs across regions and sectors, and a handful of broad OSPO archetypes (or personas), which drive differentiation in OSPO behavior.
  • The OSPO Guide: An ongoing set of documents that provides a holistic view and alignment of Open Source Program Office terminology, tasks, and responsibilities, as well as public use cases and learning resources in a cohesive application.
  • OSPO Newsletter
  • TODO OSPO guides
  • OSPO articles and use cases
  • OSPO Policies

🔭 Adoption

Join the OSPO movement!

How many OSPOs are out there? Which are the different tools within the OSPO tool infrastructure? Which communities are OSPO supporters? Explore the OSPO Ecosystem and help us build toguether this Landscape to give visibility of OSPOs worlwide!

📈 Research

A list of research around open source and OSPOs, as well as relevant quotes.

⚙️ Tools

OSPO tooling started by the TODO Group community members:

  • RepoLinter: Lint open source repositories for common issues.

📢 Other

We use a TODO Kanban to manage the different issues and PR from the community

👋 Get in touch

Follow @todogroup on Twitter and join the Slack!


  1. ospology Public

    📖 OSPOlogy - The Study of OSPOs

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  2. Official TODO Website that containts TODO Guides, OSPO use cases and more resources to advance in the OSPO journey

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  3. ospo101 Public

    OSPO 101 Training Modules

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  4. Curated list of awesome tools for managing open source programs

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