Packaging Hints

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If you're packaging Tomahawk, join the tomahawk-packagers Google Group (!forum/tomahawk-packagers) to be notified of new releases and changed dependencies

Tomahawk Packagers


  • domme

Arch Linux

  • Kuba Serafinowski (zizzfizzix on gmail)


  • Paulo Dias (paulo dot miguel dot dias on gmail)
  • yofel


  • johu


  • vinzv
  • ruphy
  • rdieter
  • domme


  • tgurr


  • muesli
  • domme


  • muesli

Source Code

  • muesli

Build options

Make sure to actually do a release build of Tomahawk, with the following cmake arguments -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo or -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release (the default is Debug). Also up to Tomahawk 0.5 you need to set a Tomahawk specific flag which is -DBUILD_RELEASE=ON to have a release version number without build date in it. From 0.6 on it will automatically assume a release build if the .git/ dir is missing, which is the case for release tarballs.

Runtime dependencies


If your distribution splits the QSqlite plugin for QSql into a separate package, make it a requirement of Tomahawk otherwise it may crash on startup.

XMPP / jreen

Either jreen or (at least) Tomahawk's package should require the qca-ossl plugin, otherwise there's no GTalk/Jabber support.

Audio / Phonon

Tomahawk requires phonon-vlc >= 0.4.1 or phonon-gstreamer >= 4.5.1 (esp. phonon-xine in any version will not work)



Tomahawk offers P2P functionality, if your distribution offers a default firewall, it's nice to support a default profile for the standard Tomahawk P2P-port (50210). (cf. for openSUSE integration)


In openSUSE there are macros for updating icon caches in KDE and GNOME ( %desktop_database_post[un] %icon_theme_cache_post[un]) after [un]installation , check if your distribution offers the same.

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