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Import Playlist

 tomahawk://playlist/import/?xspf=<xspf url>&title=<optional> [LEGACY]
 tomahawk://import/playlist?xspf=<xspf url>&title=<optional><xspf url>&title=<optional>

Load/Play Playlist


New Playlist


Generate XSPF{PLAYLIST_TITLE}&artists[]={ARTIST_ONE}&titles[]={TITLE_ONE}&artists[]={ARTIST_TWO}&titles[]={TITLE_TWO}

Add Track to Playlist - NOT YET IMPLEMENTED


how to add multiple tracks to a playlist with a single URL? how to get playlist ID?


Add local tracks to library - NOT YET IMPLEMENTED

 tomahawk://add/collection/track/?file=<file path>

Add hosted tracks to library - NOT YET IMPLEMENTED

 tomahawk://add/collection/track/?url=<mp3 url1>&url=<mp3 url2>...

Would be nice to handle both "file" and "url" in a single URL - NOT YET IMPLEMENTED

 tomahawk://add/collection/track/?file=<file path>&url=<mp3 url>...

Artist and Album pages

You can direct tomahawk to automatically load an artist or album page by using the following links:

 tomahawk://view/artist?name=<artist name>
 tomahawk://view/album?name=<album name>&artist=<artiist name>

Create Station or Automatic Playlist

Create a station or automatic playlist based on one or more seeds/parameters. See the echonest playlist page for more information about these parameters and what they mean Currently only The Echo Nest is supported. Below are the parameters required:

 type= echonest required
 title= the title of the playlist

At least one of 'artist', 'artist_limitto', or 'description' parameter is needed. A single playlist cannot mix artist, artist_limitto, and description elements--one or more of one type only are required. artist= Tracks similar to the given artist, e.g. "Foo Fighters" artist_limitto= Tracks only by the given artist, e.g. "Foo Fighters" description= Genre or similar description, for example "indie" "rap" "70s slowcore fubar"

The following limit the playlist to "at least":

 variety= double from 0 to 1
 tempo= int from 0 to 500 bpm
 duration= int from 0 to 3600 secs
 loudness= int from -100 to 100 dB
 danceability= double from 0 to 1
  energy= double from 0 to 1
 artist_familiarity= double from 0 to 1
 artist_hotttnesss= double from 0 to 1
 song_hotttnesss= double from 0 to 1
 longitude= int from -180 to 180deg
 latitude= int from -180 to 180deg
 mode= int which is 0 or 1 (major or minor)
 key= int from 0 to 11 (see for info)

It is possible to switch the meaning of the above controls by appending a "_max" to the name. So instead of "tempo", "tempo_max". Note that this is not valid for variety or mode.



Search for track, album (all tracks from album) or artist (all tracks from artist)

 tomahawk://search/?artist=<artistname> (may also include &title=<>, & album=<>)
 tomahawk://search/?query=<freeform global search>

Lookup (by URL)

A hack that lets you create a Tomahawk embed directly from a Spotify/Deezer/Rdio track link:


Does "the right thing" given a query or link. If the user is currently playing a song, the song is queued; otherwise the song starts playing. This is a reasonable default link that should be used by most external apps, since it is user-configurable and will most likely do what the user expects.


tries to resolve and play... if can't resolve then need some error messaging/handling

You can also open a playlist, which will cause the contents of the supplied xspf or jspf playlist to be queued and played directly. No permanent playlist will be created.


Spotify Urls

All track commands also alternatively accept a spotifyURL= argument with a spotify track url instead of artist/title/album:


Rdio Urls

Like spotify, Tomahawk accepts rdio urls wherever a spotify url is accepted.


Start playing an item or list immediately (like clicking play button). It will interrupt what the user is listening to. Be careful with this.


tries to resolve and play... if can't resolve then need some error messaging/handling


Add local or remote track with metadata to queue. Url is optional, must be a remote url. The track will be resolved.


Add local or remote track to queue. Url can be a local or remote path


Add list to queue -- PENDING how to get playlist id? does it matter? - NOT YET IMPLEMENTED

 tomahawk://queue/add/playlist?id=<> Links

Track Links<artist name>&title=<track name>

Artist Links<artist name>

Album Links<artist name>/<album name>


 get the xspf by replacing /p/ through /xspf/ Embeddable Players

Single Track

 <iframe src="<artist name>&title=<track name>" width="200" scrolling="no" height="200" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" ></iframe>

You can also add &autoplay=true onto the end of the url to make the player play as soon as loaded note you can also use a player (hidden in a div) to power playaback in other apps (e.g.:

 {{#widget:Iframe |url= |width=200 |height=200 |scrolling=no |allowtransparency=true |border=0 }}


 <iframe src="<playlist id>?embed=true" width="550" height="430" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" ></iframe>


 <iframe src="<artist name>/<album name>?embed=true" width="550" height="430" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" ></iframe>
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